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With the dancing we use a top camera light which directs a small amount of light onto the dancing area - enough light to see what is going on but also to be unobtrusive.

With this first dance they have actually left the lights on (in fact you can probably see outside that it is still very light). We have been to weddings where they have shut the curtains and turned the lights off because when it comes to still photography they can get some very good still images of the first dance. With a flash obviously the background comes out very dark so that is an alternative but you don't have the same atmosphere.

When talking with the bride and groom about recording the day we normally recommend that we record the first dance, perhaps the second dance (parents) and the third dance (ushers and bridesmaids). Then you have all the main players on your wedding film. After that, if you are having disco, it does become a little bit 'same-y' so at this stage we would normally look to go. If, on the other hand, you have organised dancing or a band then it could well be worth having us stay on for an extra hour or so. Also remember that as well as recording a band we can then be around for other things that happen a little bit later on - like the throwing of the bouquet.

Another option we have offered for a number of years but has only recently become popular is to put together a series of 'mini interviews' of your guests. What we ask you to do is get the best man (or someone who is a bit of an extrovert) to walk around with a radio mic and we follow them around with a camera. Guests will normally direct their comments to the best man rather than the camera; as you can see it comes out pretty well.