English Wedding Walkthrough Traditional Style
Photographic Session and Reception

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How we would normally approach your photo session is to film an overview of what is going on, how your photographer is organising you in groups, and at the same time going in close to get reactions from friends, family and guests and their interaction with yourselves and other guests.

We are quite flexible when it comes to music and if you do go to the trouble of selecting the music yourself we will at this stage be placing music over the top and mixing in with your photographs. Bear in mind that if you use strong lyrics then that will take pride of place in the visuals. If it is music without lyrics then it can sit comfortably underneath. We have a very large bank of music which we can chose from ourselves if you prefer.

With London-based weddings sometimes it is not only difficult to park but it is also difficult to take photographs as the venue might have a small (or non-existent) garden. However we do have the option of taking you into the streets of London to take photos. You can get that rather unusual or unique shot and as you can see it can work very well.

In this range of clips the bride and groom elected not to have any music. Normally though if choosing our shorter edited version option you will get both anyway - in other words you will get a video like this one without music and all the vocals on it, and a shorter version with music.

Here is a wedding video we shot in Edinburgh. It was a very changeable day and later in the video you will see shots which are a little bit darker. All the cameras we use are broadcast cameras, they are not 'point and shoot' cameras. Everything is manually controlled so you do not get any nasty shots. We know exactly what we are getting because it is all being controlled manually and will come out looking sharp and clear and all the colours will be distinctive and rich.

Sometimes if you have got over a hundred people coming to the wedding it may not be physically possible to get around and see everybody. We can record a 'receiving line' to give the opportunity of you saying hello to all your guests on the video. Maybe after the main course of the meal you can go around the tables but in our experience people will be outside smoking or in the toilet.

If you decide to choose an edited option, we will record all the receiving line but in the shorter version only put a small element in to show that that was part of your wedding day.

With the speeches we will be close enough to hear exactly what is going on but far enough back not to be in anyone's way.