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As a rule of thumb we like to arrive at the location for the wedding 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. This enables us to capture some of the features of the location before it has been used by guests, friends and family.

When filming we try to capture your running order sequentially so that we are telling a story and it all makes sense. We are constantly on the go, moving location and filming people. We are not just concentrating on the bride and groom but filming others around them trying to give you a more rounded view of your day.

If filming at a civil location, normally the Registrars are a little bit more flexible than the Church Vicars. This enables us to be in a standing position (which we consider best) looking across the groom's face into the bride's face. It also gives us an opportunity to look into the faces of your guests and get their reaction to the vows. At a civil ceremony we are never too far away from the action, so our broadcast cameras (which have directional microphones on) pick up the sound cleanly. In fact, the sound is above CD quality.

By law we are not actually allowed to film the signing of the register. This is because detail within the register is strictly confidential. So we will usually get a long shot of the register being signed, and maybe reaction from some of your guests. We have to be careful not to reveal the details of other people getting married.