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When filming at a church we like to be there at least 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin. This enables us to get inside get some shots of the setting and its features while it is still empty. We will set our tripod up and get outside ready for the arrival of groom, best man and guests.

We would normally like to attend the rehearsal and this will enable us to see the Minister. Normally a church will be less flexible than a civil wedding in that they have got a very good idea of where they want us to be. Sometimes we cannot see a lot from where they want us to be so attending the rehearsal allows the couple and the Minister to decide where we shodul be so that everyone is happy.

In this clip you will see that the photographer is taking a lot of important shots straight away with the groom, best man and brothers and also mum and dad and other immediate family. This is fairly common, especially if it is sunny, because photographers like to get shots 'in the bag' whilst the conditions are good. Obviously getting to the church early and being able to capture all this adds to the build-up of the day.

The music we use on your wedding video is really down to you. In this instance the music you can hear has been chosen by the bride and groom themselves. They are using a London Red Bus because in Central London parking is very difficult - especially with the Wardens hanging on every street corner. At this wedding we put a 2nd camera in the balcony which gave us an alternate view of the bride coming down the aisle.

When it comes to recording sound in a church, we used to use radio mics. The problem with these was we used to pick up just the groom, the bride and the Vicar singing loudly! Nowadays most if not all churches use microphones, so we can place a microphone next to the speaker.

Although some churches have the signing of the register in the middle of the service, the majority have it at the very end of the service. After the signing of the register we will got up to the top of the aisle ready for your procession up the aisle. Remember that all your friends and guests will most likely want to take pictures of you walking up the aisle and this is a good moment to do so. After processing up the aisle you will all make your way outside the church ready for photographs. Normally we don't look to take
too many pictures at the church unless the venue is not as photogenic.