Wedding Film Package (Large Prestige Weddings)

Our Pricing Policy

We have always strived to be amongst the very best wedding film companies in the world and now with our collaboration to form Snowbird Motion Films we believe we have creatives right at the top of the field.

We invest heavily every year in equipment and external projects to keep us in pushing the boundaries of live production. We market our services towards the more discerning clientele who demand a wedding film of the highest quality.

Each wedding is unique and requires different equipment, personal and hours. After we have our initial meeting of minds we will quickly be able to provide you with a quotation range for your wedding day(s)/

Our past prices have started at an investment of £3800 up-to £18000 for more elaborate projects.

If you have a midweek wedding or only require us for a short period of time, please contact us for discounted rates.

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