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Wedding Video Prices

Our Pricing Policy

We strive to be amongst the very best wedding film companies in the world. As such we invest heavily every year in both training and equipment. We market our services towards the more discerning clientele who demand a wedding film of the highest quality.

Nowadays there are many more video production companies to choose from with prices that vary enormously. Why is this? To help you understand what you are paying for, here is a breakdown of our costs.


Filming Cost

All our staff are full-time media professionals. As well as being highly skilled and highly trained they also have many years experience in the industry. This leads to great footage as they have an in-depth knowledge of how best to use cameras and equipment in all environments. We train all our staff to be proactive rather than reactionary to situations, ensuring they are in the optimal position early to capture the perfect shot.

Part-time and amateur staff are a third of the cost to recruit but their results are nowhere near the level we require. Often we will bring a trainee along at no extra cost to yourselves and include any extra good footage they may produce. Experience tells us to rely on such footage as our only source would be quite frightening yet this is what most of the cheaper companies are providing.

We therefore only employ the best, we pay our staff well and they produce results to match.


Editing Time

After we have filmed your day this is just the start of the process for us! Typically we will spend over 40 hours editing your films. (Post Production). The editors will have up to 25 hours of footage to look at and arrange from up to 6 cameras used on your day.

Your edited short film will go through several processes starting with the main camera producing the spine or story of your day. Other camera angles are then added In sequence to build a fuller more diverse and artistic viewpoint. Once assembled the music is laid and each clip is adjusted the timing and balance.

Sound effects and graphics are then added before an independent editor will watch the whole film in its entirety looking out for balance running order and pace.

The whole film is colour graded so all cameras are matched and to give each section of the film a particular feel. A preview copy Is sent to yourselves for approval. We provide you with a chance to make changes, then spend an additional day creating and finalising your films and media.

To make a highly styled personalised wedding film takes time, skill and passion. Consequently our films are not cheap but we believe very good value for money.

Our Wedding Film Price Guide

Cine-Look -- from £1395 --

Contemporary feel without the full cinematic cost

More about the NEW Cine-Look Package

- Two camera operators including:
- One videographer and one cinematographer using multiple cameras (capturing cinematic style shots for a proportion of the day)
- Long version of your wedding day on DVD (mainly from main camera)
- A short cine-styled highlights section set to music of your choice.
5 Hours - £1395
7 Hours - £1605 (most popular)
+ £105 per hour thereafter

Cinematic -- from £2195--

2 cinematographers and 1 videographer & 5-7 days edit time creating your very own bespoke film.

More about the Cinematic Package

- Three camera operators including:
- One main camera and operator
- Two wedding cinematographers and equipment

- Uncut version of your day on DVD from main camera

- 5-7 days editing on:
- Bespoke 30-60 minute cinematic edited version on blu-ray and DVD with professionally designed menus and matching artwork on disc.
- Bespoke cinematic highlights section 4-7 minutes on web, Blu-ray and DVD
5 Hours - from £2195
8 Hours - from £2495
10 Hours - from £2795
12 Hours (most popular) - from £3195
Price includes if required:
- Guest interviews view example
- unlimited DVD copies for family and friends

Cinematic PLUS

(Ideal for large Asian Weddings -200 plus guests-)

Director, multiple cinematographers and equipment, for your larger sized wedding

More about the Cinematic Plus Package

View Example
- Director ( to direct camera operators and construct storyboard)
- Three camera operators including:
- One main camera operator with
two cameras (extra angles for ceremony and speeches)
Three wedding cinematographers and equipment (enabling extra use of steady-cam and boom/ crane-like shots)
- Both the Bride and Groom's Preparations are shot by separate cinematographers
- Uncut version of your day on
Blu-ray and DVD (including cinematographer bonus footage)

- 7-10 days editing on:
-Bespoke 30-60 minute cinematic edited version on Blu-ray and DVD with professionally designed menus and matching artwork on disc.
-Bespoke cinematic highlights section 6-9 minutes on web, Blu-ray and DVD
- One lot of editing changes to the film are allowed
upto 15 Hours - ENQUIRE
Price Includes if required:
- Guest interviews - view example
- Same Day Edit
- Love Story or Marryoke - view example
- 2 extra Blu-ray copies and unlimited DVD copies

Wedding Photography and Video Packages

ADD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY from 20 20 Photos for a great working team and save money -

FOR EXAMPLE - 10 Hour Cinematic Video & Photography Package SAVE £680

View our
wedding photography and video packages

If you have a midweek wedding or only require us for a short period of time, please contact us for discounted rates.

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