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We love filming wedding marryokes,
its a great way of getting all your family and guests participating in your wedding video.

If the weather is good we can film most of the song around the features of your wedding venue. If the worst does happen we can set up a dedicated area in your wedding venue, so that guests can come individually or in groups to sing along to the song of your choice, either in the evening or during the meal. We use a separate videographer to capture your marryoke, this enables most of the recording to be discreet and not impact greatly on your day. We bring along a tablet device with the song and words on it for all your guests, we also use an auto-cue so the guests can easily remember the words and sing directly into the camera.

A great idea is the to play the same song directly after the first dance and asking all your guests to join in in singing on the dance floor (whilst we film it!) - this is also a great way of getting the party started.

We always love your input when it comes to marryoke ideas, working together with you we will come up with a great film!

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