Upload Your Music For Your Film

Please use any file send website (mailbigfile dropbox file mail) to send us the music for your wedding video. Please ensure to send us audio that sounds clean and of good quality. We accept MP3(.mp3), AIFF and WAV file formats.

To convert files to mp3 in iTunes

If you are purchasing or importing your songs through iTunes (iTunes 10) you can convert these files into our preferred .mp3 format as follows:

Change import settings to .mp3 by selecting iTunes > preferences > general. click on import settings, then import using and select MP3 encoder. below, select the desired bit rate.

Then highlight the files to be converted in iTunes and choose create MP3 version from the advanced menu.

A guide to where we need tracks for your film

We use music tracks to blend in or replace audio from the day at various points throughout the edited film (only where the original soundtrack is of no importance) Every wedding day differs in terms of the amount of tracks we need, yet below is a good guideline to the music and where we need it.

Before the ceremony - (2 music tracks) 1 opening music track to your film and an additional track before the ceremony.

After the ceremony - (1 music track) To be used after the ceremony before the photographic session

Photographic session- (2 music tracks) Covering group photographic session and couple shots leading unto the evening meal.

Highlights (2/3 music tracks with labelled preference) Though sometimes only 1 is used or sections from selected tracks, to fit in with images being shown.
If you are experiencing problems with this service you can post us a disc ( please label the disc with your names and wedding date) of your music with notes of where you would like the music used.

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