Stunning Aerial Videography

We saw the potential of aerial videography back in 2011 and this is when we invested in our first construct it yourself drone! Aerial videography has certainly come along way in the last 5 years and we now have aerial filming solutions for every budget and event.

We only used fully CAA registered pilots and the safest high quality drones possible. So whatever you need your aerial footage of or for we can help.

Other People Offer Aerial Videography Cheaper But it May Not Be Legal!

We use some of the very best aerial videography pilots around, with full CAA licenses obtained to fly at your venue and flown by qualified pilots. We are only interested in producing the best results, that is why we pay a qualified and licensed professional to produce shots good enough to go straight into a film!

You truly will get some breathtaking shots.

Want that Wow to Your Wedding Film - After The Very Best?

If you want the very best wedding film available, then why not consider our Pro Aerial Footage option. This enable us to capture shots from a completely different angle, with drones only usually available to Hollywood films or high-end productions.

Professional Film Standard Aerial Videography

How it Works

When you decide to opt for our pro film aerial footage option, we have to obtain a permission to fly at your venue, we will then visit your venue to pre-plan a shot-list so we can be fully prepared for what could work on your wedding day.

The 2 man drone crew will be available for a 5 hour period and can be used throughout this time when appropriate.
We are unable to fly on moments of rain and high-wind. We are used to working in days of differing weather conditions and are nearly always able to capture a full range of shots from our list.

Pro Film Drone Price

Included in Cinematic Plus or

- From only £495

stunning wedding film

Ask about the option of free aerial setting shots for your cinematic wedding

When you book our cinematic or cinematic plus package we offer basic aerial videography for free! *This does depend on conditions, location and staff available. IT MUST ALSO BE AGREED IN WRITING BEFORE THE WEDDING DAY. , as otherwise we may not have a licensed operator on drone with us. We have the latest 1 man DJI Drones and will use one of our licensed cinematographers to capture some settings footage and maybe one or two other shots when possible.