English Wedding Walkthrough Traditional Style

Produced in 2008 - Still applicable to all traditional style wedding videos.

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BEFORE THE CEREMONY (currently selected)





Hi my name is Ricky Barden and I am part of the 2020 Team. 2020 Video are part of a large 2020 Team which can offer you photography and hair and make-up. Now sit back and let me take you through our wedding walkthrough.

Occasionally we would be asked to start at the Bride’s house; this will definitely add another dimension to your day and as most of our videos include some of the dancing it would appear as though we have been there from the very start right the way through to the end. However, if your wedding DVD is being filmed with one camera and it is a church wedding, then please be aware that we would like to get away fairly promptly to capture the groom, best man and guests arriving at the church.

This may seems fairly obvious, but very often over the years we have turned up at the house and people are not ready. Do make sure that you allow plenty of time to get yourself ready so that we can take some nice pictures of yourself, the bridesmaids, your parents and family before the actual ceremony starts.