Our Wedding Cinematographers

When you book cinematic, the whole approach including the editing is different. One of the major differences is the shots achieved by the extra wedding camera operator and the equipment they use. We have some of the best and most hard-working cinematographers in the world! Here are some quick videos to prove this!

Below is examples of the type of extra shots the second cameraman achieves at our cinematic weddings. We use a variety of equipment to capture these stunning detail, movement and setting shots. In the highlights sections, these shots are usually shortened, longer shots are used in the edited version.

Often a Canon 5D SLR camera is used as the second camera. This can be used with various lens types to capture close detail shots with different depths of field, resulting in some stunning film-like shots.

Asian bridal detail and preparation

Slow motion and Steadicam

Venue, setting, flower and details

The main videographer captures setting shots to help tell the story effectively, yet the cinematographers approach to these details is completely different. One of the main jobs of the cinematographer is to capture these often missed details in an artistic way appropriate to the style of the wedding day.

Reception room, table and wedding cake detail shots-

Other details that are often overlooked when producing a traditional wedding video are the table and cake detail shots. The main videographer will usually capture a quick shot of these, yet a cinematographer has more time to take some stunning shots that show off all your planning and hard work.

Extra daytime, different angles and close-up shots-

The wedding cinematographer also uses zoom lenses to capture amazing close-up shots and different angles of important moments. These fit nicely into the main footage to help tell the story of the wedding day in more detail.

Evening and dancing shots- movement, close-ups and angles

The dancing and evening section in a wedding video can often appear quite boring from just the main cameras footage. Adding in some extra shots from the cinematographer turns the finished product into a highly watchable film.

Asian Wedding, extra shots during ceremony

A wedding cinematographer is worth their weight in gold at an asian wedding day! The footage above is captured from two separate operators during an hindu wedding ceremony. When this is added to the main footage, you end up with a complete film covering all angles and looking truly amazing.

With our cinematic plus package you will receive a main videographer and two extra cinematographers. This enables both the grooms and brides preparation shots to be captured in a cinematic fashion.