What is Wedding Cinematography?

Lets start with the dictionary definition of the word Cinematography.

"the art of photography and camerawork in film-making."

So what is a cinematic wedding video?

The key words in this definition are 'art' and 'film-making'. A standard wedding videos aim is to provide a fly on the wall record of your wedding day, giving you a memory of events that occurred in sequential order.

A cinematic wedding video gives a angle to the day, an artistic style. Using many of the techniques used in Hollywood film-making to give you wedding video an artistic feel and turning it into a film of your wedding day. unfortunately it is also just one of the latest buzz words in the wedding video industry and used when a true cinematic product is not being offered.

How is Wedding Cinematography Achieved?

There are now two types of wedding video camera operators. Those who film the day continually and professionally, trying to capture every moment in the best way and cinematographers who capture moments in an artistic fashion.

To put together a good cinematic wedding film, require cinematographers who now how to tell your story using artistic film-like techniques and equipment and a video editor who can put these shots together in a sympathetic fashion to tell 'your story'.

How to get it right

Experience is key to producing a great wedding film, you want you crew to be concentrating on your wedding day and not their equipment. To produce a final film that you know the couple will love, I believe you need to use a videographer to capture the whole day professionally with a separate cinematographer looking for the 'art'. You also need to make sure the footage which is captured is of the highest quality and the editing is used to enhance and polish this into a final production.

The key to filming in a cinematic style is using the right equipment and camcorders. You can purchase an array of equipment from steady systems, glide tracks, monopods and cranes. Yet you don't want the use of this equipment to get in the way of the live wedding day. Only use what you need to, find the best tried and tested equipment, to make sure the final footage is the best possible.

The difference with 20 20 Video

Many cinematographers only capture footage from a DSLR camera, capturing segments at a time with an aim of producing a short highly styled video. 20 20 Video use DSLR cameras in a similar style YET ALSO record the whole wedding day with all the important moments from a broadcast shoulder mounted video camcorder.

This means you receive three completely different versions of your wedding video

1) Highly stylised version (5-10 minutes): Usually using over 200 individual shots mostly front he cinematographers DSLR footage, set to your fav music. Ideal for showing everyone your whole wedding day in a highly impressive quick way.

2) Edited Version: just as impressive (or even more so 30-60 mins) Using a combination of extended cinematic shots and footage from the main shoulder mounted broadcast camcorder. Set with a combination of original soundtrack and music tracks of your choice. Perfect to showing off to close family and friends.

3) Extended Footage Version: No video company gives you this anymore! This is everything recorded from the main broadcast video camcorder. Ideal for the wedding couple so that you can relive every moment of your wedding day and see everything that you missed!

20 20 Video have been producing high quality wedding films for over 20 years! We are one of the most experienced wedding video production companies in the UK.

Unlike other experienced professionals, 20 20 Video are more than open to change and openly embrace new technologies and styles. This means that the style in which the wedding are captured and edited have changed constantly over time.