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“ Congratulations on looking at 20 20 Video to film your wedding day, we believe you should look no further than us! Unfortunately their are many film companies online who are unable to deliver on what they promise and they end up providing substandard work. This will never happen with us!

As a full-time experienced media company, we have been delivering the highest quality wedding films for over 20 years. With our pedigree stretching to work appearing on broadcast channels and producing videos for companies including Barclays, British Gas and Dominos.

We are a cutting edge video production company who are constantly evaluating the best ways to provide the highest quality wedding films. We were one of the first to produce bespoke animation, professional aerial filming and have already filmed several weddings in full 4K.

We never stand still as we know our customers are constantly demanding the best.”

Ricky Barden

Our Expert Team

Videographer Surrey

Ricky - Head Videographer - Photographer

Our founder is Ricky who has over 20 years experience in filming not only wedding videos and asian weddings but corporate and television work as well. He is backed up by a team of professional wedding videographers and editors, who are all experts in the art of creating a cinematic wedding film.

Ricky followed his passion in videography in 1996 after being asked to produce a film for BAA. Starting in bulky heavy tape driven cameras, Ricky has seen a massive technology change in the way things are produced, embracing this has help feed his natural creativity.

When making contact with 20 20, Ricky would normally be the first person you speak to.

Old Ricky :)

20 20 Media

David - Head Videographer / Editor (Partner)

From a young age (as you can see from the picture below !) David has had a video camera on his shoulder. Filming his first wedding at 15, the job has taken him all around the world.

Loves creative editing, colour grading and is always purchasing the latest cinematic equipment.
  • Young Cameraman
    Young Cameraman
    Kid Camera By Lake
  • Editor
    David Filming By The Lake
  • Ronin
    20 years Editing Experience
  • Family
    David’s young Family

Reg Video

Reg - Experienced Cinematographer

Reg has a highly trained and keen eye for that perfect shot! With many, many years experience, you mention it and Reg has probably experience in shooting it!

Now working creatively with cinematic style cameras, Reg real passion is great cameras, enjoying stage productions and live action filming.

He is always there to capture the important moments, with a full battery and a clear card!

Peter The Man

Peter - Videographer/ Pilot / Cinematographer

Peter has a vast knowledge of the video industry. The recent trend in Aerial videography, has fitted into his previous piloting experience.

Highly trained and experienced, peter has been filming for over 15 years and has a inside out knowledge of most cameras.

About Our Wedding Film Packages

Cine - Look

Everyone loves our cinematic weddings and recognise the time and effort that goes into creating these bespoke films. We do appreciate that they are not within everyones budget for a wedding film, so we have introduced the Cine-Look package.

Offering the professional coverage of a experienced cameraman for your main version of your DVD, yet with a cinematographer to come along to make up short styled moments (highlights version) using some cinematic equipment.

- One videographer and one cinematographer using multiple cameras (capturing cinematic style shots for a proportion of the day)

- Long Version of you day from main videographer

- A short cine-styled highlights section set to music of your choice


Unlike other companies offering cinematography, we provide you with 3 unique versions of your wedding film. Most companies just offer you the highlights version with footage solely from DSLR cameras.

We know how to turn your wedding video into a wedding film! We will capture every detail of your day in a variety of ways to create a film that suits your character and style of wedding.

We are one of only a handful of videographers in the world offering true wedding cinematography. The results are fantastic, your wedding film will be bespoke to yourselves, in other words your own Hollywood blockbuster!

Unedited Version:
We use a main broadcast shoulder-mounted camcorder and Operator to capture the whole wedding day professionally (as in our traditional approach). We also use a cinematographer to capture those extra details and different angles of the big moments., using various equipment for crane style shots and smooth sweeping movement/ setting shots.

Edited Version:
The main difference between the cine look and the full cinematic option is in the editing. This extended edit (usually taking 5-7 days). All footage being captured in full 1080 HD as standard. You will receive both Blu-ray, HD web copies and of course standard DVD copies for family and friends.

Highlights Version:
The cinematic highlights are put together like your own movie trailer for the big screen! Many of the shots included are filmed specifically for this section in a very distinctive style putting the extra ‘wow factor’ into your movie. One of the big differences with the cinematic wedding video highlights is that each shot used is also professionally colour graded which is done in every top film, this can be done to create the look you desire ie. vibrant, sepia-toned, de-saturated with heavy contrast etc.

Key Package Points

- 3 Professional Cameramen, Videographer + 2 Cinematographers

- Filmed in high definition

- Professionally colour graded

- Unedited long version from main videographer

Edited version (30-60 mins) and highlights version (5-10 mins)- 5 days editing time

- Use of glide and steady systems

The Cinematic Plus

If you have a large Asian wedding you will need a video director. Our director will assess your wedding and instruct the camera operators as to what shots are needed and when. This really helps create that final cohesive polished film.

The cinematic plus package is ideal for your larger sized wedding, where there are a lot of different things happening and many guests to capture. You receive everything mentioned in the cinematic package and the price also includes up to 15 hours attendance and an extra expert wedding cinematographer. The extra cinematographer enables cinematic shots of both the bride and groom's preparations and use of additional equipment throughout the day (such as a boom steadipod and a motioncam)

Due to the extra footage taken you will receive extra studio editing time, with an allowance for one set of changes to the final edited version. The highlights section will also be extended to include the extra shots. In addition you will receive an extended version of all the footage captured by the cinematographers on the day (usually the remaining unseen footage). All these versions will be provided on Blu-ray disc.

Key Package Points

- Talented four person crew

- Including a main videographer

- Including 3 cinematographers

- Professional sound recording

- Aerial footage when possible

- Music of your choice

- Editing and Colour Grading

- 3 Versions of your film

- Extended highlights section

- BluRay and DVD masters (4K Optional)

- Digital and online versions

- Guest interviews

- The latest cinematic equipment

- Wow your guest with the
included same day edit

- One set of free editing changes permitted ( to edited version only)