5 Funny Guest Dance Move Ideas

Looking for a fun way to get your guests involved in your wedding Marryoke? Not every guest is an X Factor wannabe and would feel awkward in a one on one singing session in front of camera. Having guests perform a signature dance move in small groups is a great way of getting around this and also adds a real bit of fun to your video.

We can film these anywhere in and around your venue or we can bring a green screen to setup a booth area in the evening, so your guests can dance in private when relaxed to your chosen track.

Here are 5 ideas to give you some Marryoke dance inspiration.

(1) The Shopping Cart / The Shopping Trip

Act out your shopping trip around the supermarket, let you imagination take control! From reaching to the shelf, pushing the trolley, loading the checkout,paying by card and packing the bags!

(2) Butter Churn

Quite a simple yet old school inspired dance. Two hands together and either stir the big pot, or churn the butter.

(3) The Lawnmower dance

A classic funny dance move perfect for a Marryoke in a group. Pull the cord to start the engine and away you mow!

(4) The Water Sprinkler

Go on be a water sprinkler! One hand out in front, the other behind your head and experiment with the various water sprinkler movements and speeds.

(5) The Bus Driver

Your driving a big bus and letting your passengers on. Toot the horn and go old school and take the money and give the change.