Duet Marryoke Song Choices

There a allot of songs out there and many of them can work perfectly well as a Marryoke. Its all about how you want to construct your ‘wedding music video’ and if you want it to be cheesy, fun, romantic or just different!

Many wedding video companies who specialise in Marryokes will recommend selecting a duet. This enables both women and men to sing separate parts and groups to join in on the chorus. This makes it easier to plan and construct and does men that both sexes have there own sections to sing.

We take a look at some of the possible duet choices for your wedding day Marryoke video.

Here are 4 possible older classic romantic duets. These can be seen as ‘cheesy songs’, yet if produced professionally can be turned into a truly romantic love song music video.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Elton John & Kiki Dee)

Especially For You (Kylie & Jason)

You’re The One That I Want (John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

Endless Love ( Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie)

Here are 3 more recent duets. Sometimes the lyrics from modern duets can be deemed inappropriate for use in a wedding marryoke, however it is always down to the couples choice and characters. If you have a favourite RnB duet which may not fit perfectly to your love story it can still make a great wedding marryoke video.

Ciara ft R. Kelly "Promise" Remix

I’m Real ( Jennifer Lopez ft. Ja Rule)

Dilemma ( Nelly - Kelly Rowland)